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Partners in the Bleyweert MFG group.

Logo Bleyweert bvba

Bleyweert bvba

The focus of Bleyweert bvba is high volume CNC turning and milling production.


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Logo IG cnc machining

Imen Grosemans

Prototype / one off parts and small volume CNC milling production.


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C&M+ bvba riemst LOGO

C&M+ bvba

Low and high volume cnc milling and turning production of plastic and aluminum parts


External partners and suppliers

The Bleyweert manufacturing group consists of several independent partners, we believe that working together can have tremendous benefits for our clients. We differentiate between core partners and external partners, external partners are company’s we work with closely and have established a long and proven working relation. Core partners work directly in house and combine machines and resources within the Bleyweert MFG group.


NR Metal
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Werkhuizen Burgelman


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