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HAAS UMC1000SS 5-Axis CNC Milling machine


Founded in 2011, Bleyweert bvba has rapidly grown in the field of CNC machining. Using the latest technologies to improve precision in production, we have established a firm reputation with our clients for producing quality parts on time. With automation helping us to run lights out production on larger orders we have managed to balance small production runs, R&D projects along with larger volume production.

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5-Axis Milling

At our facility in Tongeren we have invested in two 5-axis machines, a UMC750SS for rapid prototype productions along with small runs / one off production parts and a UMC1000SS with 8 station pallet pool for continuous production of large orders.

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Haas UMC750SS 5-Axis CNC milling

Automation helps get the job done.

 Automation has helped us grow and expand in the manufacturing industry. We are always looking for innovative ways to increase our production and efficiency. Read more about our recent projects and see how CNC automation can benefit your business.


Wire EDM technologie

Bleyweert Manufacturing provides its customers with precision wire EDM services - Our cutting-edge machinery ensures perfect cuts every time, providing you with parts of the highest quality and consistency.

Tooling for CNC milling

R&D production

One off parts and small production runs are at the core of our company.

Even with high volume production we still offer our services as a job shop and readily do R&D productions, one off parts and small orders. We have several 3 and 4-Axis machines and one 5-axis machine dedicated to these projects.

Fanuc Wire EDM machining


Gasthuisbosdreef 13 - 3700 Tongeren - België

Tel +32471689751

We offer: 
 CNC milling and turning - 3, 4 and 5-Axis milling - CNC low and high volume production trough automation.

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